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Great Food and Exotic Drinks

Food, Glorious Food!

The quality of and variety of food and the efficiency of service have increased the number of fans of the Centre's kitchen. New dishes have enchanced the taste's experience, and old favourites still find pride of place in the elegant, new menu. Prices have rationalised, and half portions on some items are a big hit with those with a small appetite. We now have hot and cold coffee, and ice tea from Nestle, ice-cream in several flavours from Baskin Robbins and Hot Chocolate Fudge, Nirula's style!. The spanking new and hygienic kitchen is in place and is a happier and safer working place for the kitchen staff. This reflects in the continuing improvement in the quality standard of the food.

Raising the Bar on Good Times

The bar is wearing a new look, freshly painted and polished, with a new menu, more variety, and more efficient service. Smart cards have been made mandatory to avail of services, and guests have welcomed this move.


  Upcoming Events
Screening of classic movie 'Sikandar' 05:30pm Tuesday, 7th May.

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Gulmohar Park, Near Fr.Agnel School, N.Delhi-49


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