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The team at the 'centre' of it all

The fancy term for us is 'Managing Commitee'. But 'Core Team' is a more fitting description. We have been chosen to manage not just the day-to-day affairs of the Centre, but also work towards fulfilling a larger vision to make it a center for excellence. We believe that is is more important to listen than just hear, to observer than just see, and be proactive that be reactive. Chances are, you'll know some of the names and the faces behind the names.

Encouraing the twelve of us are nominees of the four promoter societies who provide constant guidance through words and actions. And working hard, standing shoulder to shoulder with us, are the members of the staff, without whom the Centre would not be running as efficiently as it is.

Desikan Ranganathan

President and Convenor, Children’s Corner

Vinay Thakur

Convenor, Newsletter and Website

Kumud Grover

Convenor, Horticulture

Manpreet S. Chowdhary

VICE-PRESIDENT and Convenor, Kitchen, Bar and  Sports including Gym 

Rajesh Prasad

HONY. SECRETARY and Convenor, Humon Resources & Administration

Amit Gupta


Ravi Narain

Convenor, Ambience and Infrastructure, and Co-convenor, Sports, including the Gym.

Nitin Mantri

VICE-PRESIDENT and Convenor, Membership Screening Committee & Swimming Pool

Praveen Upadhyay

Convenor, Reading Room/Library, and Gulmohar Centre Arts Circle

Prem Prakash

Nominee, DUJ Co-op H.B. Society Ltd.

Yogendra Sahai

Nominee, PTI Employees Co-op H.B. Society Ltd.

Rajiv Saxena

Co-convenor, Ambience and Infrastructure

Yogesh Bhandari

HONY.JT.SECRETARY and Co-convenor, Human Resources &  Administration

Nirupama Verma

Convenor, Events and Co-convenor, Gulmohar Centre Arts Circle

Akhilesh Jain

Nominee, Times of India Officers Co-op Housing Society Ltd.

R.P Murthy

Nominee: Press Association Coop.Housing Society Ltd.


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