Lifetime Membership available at an attractive fee. Please contact Centre's office for details. We are affiliated with The Jaisal Club Ltd.(Jaisalmer), Press Club of India (Delhi) and The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia (Mathura Road). The Gulmohar Centre has suspended all F&B Services and other activities including card room, yoga, library, badminton, children corner and sports coachings till 31st March, 2020.


The Gulmohar Sports-cum-Community Centre has its own unique history. It was on March 7, 1982, that a Sponsoring Committee for the Centre was set up with three representatives from each of the four parent house building cooperative societies - Delhi Union of Journalists Co-op. House Building Society Ltd., Times of India Officers’ Cooperative Housing Society Ltd., PTI Employees Cooperative House Building Society Ltd. and Press Association Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. When the Centre approached the DDA for allotment of land, the DDA made it mandatory that only the four societies were entitled to take allotment at a nominal price.

The DDA wrote that the club land “shall exclusively vest jointly with the Gulmohar Housing Coops (though) the job of construction, development, control, finance and management of the premises shall be undertaken by the Centre as per the rules/regulations and Memorandum of Association of the Centre. So the DDA leased the one acre land to the four societies, and the Sponsoring Committee entrusted to the Centre, the job of building the centre.

The DDA also accepted the four housing societies’ request for the allotment of the adjoining three acre land for playing ground and sports activities. The Centre was inaugurated by then Vice-President of India R. Venkataraman on October 5, 1986. Having developed the basic infrastructure over a span of ten years, the Centre decided to add a Swimming Pool for its members. The swimming pool was inaugurated by then Vice-President of India Krishankant on May 9, 1998. In the course of time, Gulmohar Centre has become one of the leading recreation hub in the neighbourhood where members and their guests can avail of modern facilities like a well-equipped gym, newly-renovated swimming pool, card room, multi-activity room, a central courtyard, library and reading room.

A number of sports activities like tennis, badminton, basketball, cricket and football and indoor games like table tennis, chess and carom are also popular with the members. A lush green lawn, flowering plants, shrubs and a newly-constructed boundary wall, a logo to give a unique identity to the Centre have added to the overall aesthetic appeal. There is also a children’s corner and jogging track. The Centre's Constitution provides for representation of four promoter societies in the Managing Committee.

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